Monday, July 8, 2013

Apps for the iPad

Here are some interesting apps I found recently for the iPad. I know that many of you do not have an iPad, so I will also look to find apps for Windows-based tablets as well in the near future.

Mindnode: this app costs $9.99 and is basically a concept-mapping instrument. It is intuitive to use, organizes your concept ideas neatly, and allows you to input information as well.
Shutterstock: this is a free app that is a stock image service, with the benefit of allowing you to store photos and other images around whatever topic you may be interested in.
2 Days: this app runs only $.99, and is nothing more than a to-do list that only lets you look at the current day and the next day, thus providing you information on your immediate needs and activities.
Timeli: this free all allows you to look at your timelines of projects and activities and see where and how they might overlap. It helps you to prioritize what you are doing.
Meeting-Recorder: a $1.99 app that lets you create voice memos that can be stamped and to which you can add test, or photos. Pixelmator: this is a $14.99 app that is used for image editing, so that you can retouch or clean up photographs, and then store them in the cloud.
Status Board: a $9.99 app that attempts to make your iPad look more like the dashboard on the standard Mac. It allows you to add widgets and it then gives you a one-stop shop of objects from which you can choose.
Radium 3: this app runs $9.99 and is bought via the iTunes store. It is a radio station player that allows you to customize what you hear and what you see while you play it.
Breaking News: free, this is an aggregator of, well, breaking news, from around the world. Good way to keep up on what is happening across the globe.

Vlingo: free. If you do not have Siri, this is a voice controller for an iPad or iPhone.

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