Monday, June 10, 2013

Time to Relax: End of Term Youtube Extravaganza

That's it until we are back! Enjoy these latest clips as we go to vacation.
1.    People are awesome:
A series of clips of people doing truly amazing things.

2.      Red Bull Rampage 2012 Highlights:
The highlights froma form of biking I can only imagine about and could never do.

3.      Base jumping:
No way, man, no way!

4.      Free solo Yosemite:
Again, no way, man, double no way!!

I am always intrigued by new musical instruments, and this is one of the more unusual ones.

6.      Terry Bozzio drum set:
You have never in your life seen a drum set like this one. Terry Bozzio was one of Frank Zappa’s former drummers, and later led the band Missing Persons.

7.      Guillaume Perret & Electric Epic:
A spin-off of my favorite band Magma, playing heavy electric jazz.

8.      Brian Ferhyhough:
I guarantee you won’t make it through this clip but Fernyhough writes some of the most complicated and difficult to play modern classical music there is.

9.      Hayao Miyazaki:
My favortie director of animated movies, responsible for some of the greatest movies ever, including Spirited Away.

10.  Worry about yourself!:
I love this little girl!


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