Monday, March 11, 2013

Palmer Involvement in ACC-RAC 2013

Once again, Palmer shows why it is the Trusted Leader in Chiropractic!
Plenary Open Session
·         Chiropractic and Healthcare Reform: Improving Outcomes, Delivery, and Affordability of Healthcare:  Bob Mootz, DC , Partap S. Khalsa, DC, PhD , Christine Goertz, DC, PhD, Dan Hansen, DC

·         Current State of Chiropractic Education, Research, and Practice: Report from ACC Executive Officers: Richard Brassard, DC, Brian McAuley, DC, PhD, Dennis Marchiori, DC, PhD

 Plenary Presentations
·         Predictors of performance of students in biochemistry in the doctor of chiropractic program:
Kathryn Shaw,DC, Christopher Meseke, PhD Veronica Dishman, PhD

·         Instantaneous rate of loading during manual high-velocity low-amplitude spinal manipulations:
Maruti Ram Gudavalli, PhD

·         Doctors of chiropractic self-reported practice patterns and attitudes toward interdisciplinary co-management of older adults with back pain:  Stacie Salsbury, RN, PhD, Kevin Lyons, PhD,  Cynthia Long, PhD, Maria Hondras, DC, MPH, Robert Vining, DC, Lisa Killinger, DC,  Christine Goertz, DC, PhD

·         Prevalence of radiographic findings in a chronic low back pain population:
Robert Vining, DC, Eric Potocki, DC, MS,  Ian McLean, DC, DACBR,  Michael Seidman, DC, Paige Morgenthal, DC, MS, James Boysen, DC, MS

·         Surveys as a method for informing a chiropractic technology program curriculum:
Cathy Eberhart, MBA, Stacie Martel, DC, MS

·         Rubric referenced self-assessment vs Traditional way in students' anatomy laboratory learning:
Xiaohua He, MD, Ali Rabatsky, PhD

·         The correlation of the arm-fossa test with other sacroiliac findings: a feasibility study:
Robert Cooperstein, DC, Charles Blum, DC, Elaine Cooperstein, DC, MS

·         How reliable are manual therapists' procedures in detecting positional asymmetry of the PSIS?
Robert Cooperstein, DC

·         Intraexaminer reliability of compressive leg checking and correlation with the sit-stand test for anatomic leg length inequality:
Robert Cooperstein, DC, Morgan Young, DC, Baljinder Gill, BS

·         A case-based approach to pharmacology using wikis as a collaborative tool:
Lia Nightingale, PhD

·         Test anxiety and academic performance in chiropractic students:
Niu Zhang, MD, Charles Henderson, DC, PhD

·         Utilization of an iPad throughout a nutrition curriculum:
Lia Nightingale, PhD

·         Student iPad use in a neuromusculoskeletal diagnosis course: the influence of iPads on course grades and student opinions and attitudes toward iPads in the classroom:
Michael Tunning, DC, Christopher Roecker, DC, MS, DABCO, Robert Rowell, DC, MS, Michael VanNatta, DC

·         IPilots, digital natives and digital immigrants: a pilot project using iPads in a chiropractic college setting:
Dana Lawrence, DC, MMedEd, MA, Rita Nafziger, MBA, Dan Weinert, DC, MS, DABCR

·         Investigating high quality interactive applications for value added teaching:
Judy Bhatti, DC, Mary Frost, DC, Elissa Twist, DC

·         Complying with CCE meta-competencies 6 and 7 through the development of an EBCP educational module with an emphasis on a comparative analysis of two systematic reviews:
Gregory Cofano, DC, Kimberly Keene, DC, Heather Bowyer, DC, Edward Pappagallo, DC,  Jacqueline Beres, DC

·         Patient and payment sources of Palmer College of Chiropractic's teaching clinics:
Gregory Snow, DC, Makani Lew, DC

·         Is interprofessional education a common factor in chiropractic continuing education?
Edward Bednarz, DC, Anthony Lisi, DC

·         A comprehensive learning series on yellow flags for the DC and DC Student:
Teresa Brennan, DC

·         The use of chiropractic manipulation in the post-surgical spine:
Christopher M Coulis, DC, Anthony J Lisi, DC

·         Avulsion fracture of the iliac crest apophysis in a 15 year-old football player:
Stephen Grand, DC, DABCO, Matthew Richardson, DC, DACBR

·         Defining and measuring quality in chiropractic health care: toward six sigma success:
Nicole Homb, DC, Shayan Sheybani, DC, MBA

·         Resolution of hearing loss after chiropractic manipulation:
Kimberly Keene, DC, Melissa Ferranti, DC, Chelsea Prothero, BS

·         Essential literature for the chiropractic profession:
Barbara Mansholt, DC, John Stites, DC, MS, DACBR, DACBO, Dustin Derby, EdD, Ron Boesch, DC, DACBO

·         A pediatric case of McCune-Albright syndrome in a 5 year old female at a chiropractic teaching clinic:
Kenice Morehouse, DC, Stephen Grand, DC, DABCO, Matthew Richardson, DC, DACBR

·         Salter Harris II fracture of second proximal phalanx of toe: a chiropractic perspective:
Mark Murdock, DC

·         Tibial plateau fracture following ACL reconstruction: co-management of a rare complication:
J Ali Rabatsky, PhD

·         A case of breech repositioning unresponsive to Webster technique: coexistence of oligohydramnios:
Christopher Roecker, DC, MS, DABCO

·         The association between body mass index and response to spinal manipulation for patients with subacute and chronic low back pain
Christopher Roecker, DC, MS, DABCO,  Joel Pickar, DC, PhD, Dana Lawrence, DC, MMedEd, MA, Robert Vining, DC, Cynthia Long, PhD

·         Treatment of a patient with post cortical atrophy with chiropractic manipulation and dynamic neuromuscular stabilization (DNS): a case report
Michael Tunning, DC, Vinicious Francio, BS, Ron Boesch, DC, DABCO

·         The association between low back pain and bowel and bladder dysfunction: a narrative review
Anna Walden, DC, Stacie Salsbury, RN, PhD

·         Writing a grant: What is the statistician's role and how do I find one?
Cynthia R. Long, PhD, Laura Lee Johnson, PhD

·         Understanding the Language of Clinical Outcomes or Yeah, yeah, but what does it really mean? Ron LeFebvre, DC, Shireesh Bhalerao, DC, John Stites, DC, MS, DABCR, DABCO, Tammi Clark, DC, Robert M. Rowell, DC, MS

·         Chiropractic Colleges' research coursework and curricula: Implications for Evidence Based Education (EBE) and Evidence Based Practice (EBP) and NBCE exams.
Rodger Tepe, PhD, Greg Cramer, DC, PhD, Thomas J. Augat, DC, Cynthia Long, PhD, Kathleen Linaker, DC, PhD
·         Teaching Business Courses in Chiropractic School: Lessons Learned, Challenges Identified.
William J. Lauretti, DC, Leanne N. Cupon, DC, Thomas M. Frank, DC, MBA, Mary E. Frost, DC, Teresa M. Hoban, DC, MBA, Steven R. Jaffe, DC, Jason G. Napuli, DC, MBA

·         Placing Health Front and Center in Discussions of Health Care Reform:
            Lisa Zaynab Killinger, DC, Gerald Clum DC, Christine Goertz, DC, PhD

·         Assessing Information Literacy: Why, when, and how:
            Rodger Tepe, PhD, Chabha Tepe, Daniel Wright, MA, MLIS, Ron LeFebvre, DC

·         Enhancing the Integration of Chiropractic Technique, Academia, and Research:
Anthony Rosner, PhD, Charles L. Blum, DC, Robert Cooperstein, DC, Mitchell Haas, DC, MA, Stephen Perle, DC, Michael Schneider, DC, PhD, Arlan Fuhr, DC


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