Monday, March 18, 2013

More From ACC-RAC 2013

As always, the Palmer presence at ACC-RAC was significant. This year we had 2 large plenary presentations, 11 accepted platform papers, 13 posters, and 7 workshops. And in most cases, we had attentive and engaging audiences who truly appreciated the information we presented. Last post I listed all of Palmer’s involvement and all I wish to do here is to list a few more papers that I thought were interesting. These are part of a larger effort in our profession to enhance our instruction.

  • Pilot study on the impact of student feedback using in-depth interviews on assessment and achievement of student learning outcomes- presenter Noni Threinen
  • Predictors of National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE) performance- presenter Angela McCall
  • GPA as a predictor of performance on a high stakes comprehensive competency assessment- presenter Gloria Hinck
  • Participation strategies and student performance: a case study- presenter David Starmer
  • Assessing critical thought in a chiropractic program- presenter Joseph Guagliardo
  • Self-perceived skills confidence: a follow-up study of chiropractic students in the early phases of a college’s clinic program- presenter Deborah Bisiacchi
  • A proposed bioethics curriculum for accredited chiropractic institutions- presenter Stuart Kinsinger
  • Using educational videos to teach spinal manipulation- presenter Karen Numeroff
  • The development of a critical appraisal tool for the quantitative assessment of case reports- presenter Shari Wynd
  • Utilizing learner response systems to enhance student learning and retention in the basic science classroom- presenter Alena Coleman
  • The use of debate as an active learning strategy in a chiropractic classroom- presenter Drew Rubin
As you can see, the topics were varied and covered all aspects of education from basic sciences through clinical training. As always, much to consider, and as much learning occurring the hallways as in the sessions. All good.

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