Monday, February 4, 2013

More on Atomic Learning

As I previously noted, we have contracted with Atomic learning offer the full gamut of training videos that the company has on file. For Palmer faculty, please log on to the Atomic Learning website, using your standard email address as your user name, and the word “learning” as your initial password. The system will allow you to log in only if you are a member of our faculty; we submitted the list of names to the company when the contract was signed. If for any reason you cannot log I, first try the alternate email naming system. Those of you here for a long time might be using, while some of us are listed as Since we sent the names in, we might have got it wrong. If neither works, let us know and we will add you to the accepted list.

Once you are able to log in, the main home screen you are will have 2 parts. On the left is a set of options labeled “Getting Started,” and “What’s Hot.” Here you can access instructions that can help you navigate more effectively through the site, and also where you will find links to the latest uploads available. On the right of your screen is a large window that allows you select from 3 choices: Tutorials, Projects and Workshops. Clicking the tab for each brings to a dedicated search screen for that tab. Most of you will likely work in the “Tutorials” tab. It is here that you will find links to hundreds of different computer programs and well as different versions ot hat program. If, for instance, you want to find out about some function in Excel, the system allows you to also specify what version of Excel you have. Thus, it tailors the selection specifically for your needs. Using the pull-down menu for “applications,” go ahead and look at the full gamut of programs covered. It is extensive.
The “Projects” tab is used for assigned work, where for example a supervisor might assign someone a set of links to watch, and then look to see if that has been done. Or it could be used for a collaborative project of some sort.

The “Workshop” tab links you to s set of programs that are more educationally derived. These are topic craven; for example, one workshop is entitled “Effective Presentation design” and covers how to  use PowerPoint most effectively for educational purposes. You can play around here and follow your own interests.
This is a powerful tool and resource for you. I hope that you will use it regularly and will gain much from doing so, and I would be grateful if you would share your experiences in using it with me. Enjoy!

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