Monday, February 18, 2013

End of Term Youtube Extravaganza, Once Again

As always, here at the end of the term, we turn to fun rather than work. I offer up this latest crop of interesting clips from youtube, and will see you again at the start of the new term. Enjoy the break!

1. Epic Extreme Skiing: This is a clip of some skiing neither you nor I would ever consider doing:
2. Banana Joe: I just watched both days of the Westminster Dog Show, and on the first day, in the Toy group, I predicted this dog would win, since he simply owned the arena when he did his walk:
3. Insane Baseball Skill: I have the sense this one is either gamed or manipulated, but it is pretty cool nonetheless: l

4. Best Pool Trick Shot Ever; Yes, it really is, Amazing!

5. Ricky Jay: One of the best playing card manipulators who has ever lived. There are no tricks here; this is how good he is at what he does. Do not ever play poker with him.
6. Red Bull Rampage; You have to be out of your mind to ride a bike down the routes you see here.

7. Bigfoot: Guilty pleasure for me is watching the TV show “Finding Bigfoot,” with its inept scientists and silly explanations. But here is one of the clips that drive people nuts.
8. The Hillary Step: The last hard part of getting up, and then getting back down, Mount Everest.

9. Magma- Best band in the universe, with the greatest drummer you never heard of, Plus, Zab, Stella dn Himiko:

9. Laughing Baby: Always leave ’em laughing.



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