Monday, October 29, 2012

ASBH 2012

I just returned from attending the annual conference for ASBH, and was once again impressed with the scope of the conference, the dedication of the speakers and even the small amount of chiropracticc representation there (My colleague Stu Kinsinger from CMCC had a poster accepted for presentation. Just to give you an idea of how wide-ranged bioethics si, here are some of the sessions I attended.
  • Establishing a Research Ethics Consultation Service: Core Features and Tailored Approaches
  • Attitudes Toward Professionalism Among First-Year Medical Students: Bridging the Generation Gap as a Challenge in Professional Education
  • Professionalism Endangered: Critical Reflections on Work, Relationships, and Responsibility in Science Production
  • Representing Bioethics and Freedom of Speech
  • Responsible Stewardship: The Role of National Commissions in Shaping the Public Discourse of Bioethics
  • Black Swans, Zebras, and the Strangeness of the Everyday” Low-Probability Events in Biomedicine
  • How “Representative” are Institutional Review Boards?
  • The Ethics of Research in the Global Health Environment
  • Observational Research in Medically Indigent Hospice Patients: A New Tuskegee?
  • Bioethics Representation in Today’s Media: The Trouble with Sounds Bites
  • Ethics and Healthcare Administrators in Popular Culture
  • Social Media and Medicine: (Mis)Representing Physicians and Patients Online
  • The Want Ads: Representation, Ethics, and the Presentation of Foster Children
  • The Wild West of Incidental Findings
  • Moral Science: Protecting Participants in Human Subject Research
  • Medicine’s Favorite Doctor: “Oslermania,” Bioethics and the Medical Humanities
  • A Genealogy of Persistent Vegetative State
  • Who Speaks for Whom? Representation, the Medical Humanities, and the Social Context of Health
  • Forced Ethics: From Old Moral Theory to New Moral Reality
  • Evidence-Based Medicine: Representation or Misrepresentation of Medicine?
  • Patients, Practitioners, and Conscience: A Fresh Approach to Representing  Moral Pluralism in Medicine
  • Moral Panic, Moral Monsters and Justice in Health Care
  • Social Justice, Health Inequalities, and Methodological Individualism in US Health Promotion
  • The Duty to Buy Health Insurance
  • Organizational Ethics: Speaking the Wrong Language or Lost in Translation


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