Monday, October 15, 2012

End of Term Youtube Extravaganza Redux

As each term comes to an end, I like to provide you a bit of fun and relief from the stresses of regular work. Here are some fun youtube clips to enjoy (apologies for any bad comments located in the "comment" section, which may change over time and can be rather profane).

1.       Human-Powered Free-Running Machine: Some people have way too much time on their hands:

2.       Insane Dodge-Ball Kill: it is pretty impressive, I have to say:

3.       Babies Tasting lemons for the First Time- I’m sorry, this is just funny.

4.       Mythbusters, Coke and Mentos: See what happens. I love these guys (and Kari Byron):

5.       The Hillary Step, Mount Everest: No way, man. No way!

6.       Girl’s State Meet 4x800 race, 2009: This is 10 minutes long but the last 2 minutes are worth it all to watch Stephanie Brown come from nearly 300m behind:

7.       Highlights of the 2012 Tour De France: The best race in the world, with the fittest athletes ever.

8.       Adelle: Rolling in the Deep. Not my usual cup of tea, but what a voice.

9.       Clara Does Ballet- this is a viral video that is incredibly touching. Clara, the 10-year-old girl here, has DiGeorge’s Syndrome, but here dances Coppelia nearly perfectly.

10.   Goodbye until next term:

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