Monday, October 10, 2016

Another End of Term Youtube Extravaganza

1.      People are Insane: in this clip, yes they are:

2.      Drone Footage, Hornet Red Devil Invitational: this is the team my son coaches, but watching a cross-country meet unfold via drone is pretty cool:

3.      Amazing Sports Clips:

4.      Chris Froome Crash and Run- this was from this year’s Tour de France and was one the weirdest moments in Tour history:

5.      Post Ranch Inn: Big Sur, say no more. Just a superb place to stay, but pricey!

6.      Men’s World Record 400m Olympics 2016: Wade Van Niekirk blows away the world’s best in an unprecedented race:

7.      Wynonna Earp: my current favorite TV show:

8.      Magma, live: a classic song with new guitarist Jim Grandcamp:

9.      The Hillary Step: One of the most famous climbing challenges on planet earth:

10.   Palmer Gallup: Cynthia English’s Homecoming presentation:

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