Monday, May 2, 2016

Palmer San Jose Homecoming

We just celebrated another homecoming at our San Jose campus. Following is a list of some of the presentations that were made.

  • Ted Forcum: Lessons learned from the Joint Commission on Sports Medicine and Science
  • Robert Cooperstein: Integrated chiropractic technique: the low-tech anatomic short leg screen and clinical implications
  • Mary Frost: Be the trusted leader in your community
  • Peter Fysh: Chiropractic care for the pediatric patient
  • Robert Walsh: Experiences integrating chiropractic with Veterans Health Administration Services
  • Tom Hyde: Clinical case management of the knee
  • Daniel Lord: The rise of corporate chiropractic and primary care integration
  • Joseph Biernat: Bone health and support
  • Kevin Wong: Evaluating and adjusting the shoulder and the TMJ the Wong way
  • David Quist: Emergency and urgent conditions encountered in the chiropractic office: recognition, care, management and referral considerations
  • Sherry McAllister: Chin up! Avoiding tech neck: averting biomechanical dysfunction from the use of mobile technologies
  • Matt Richardson: Quality radiographs in a busy chiropractic practice
  • Ramin Shiva: Workers Compensation update
  • Dennis Marchiori: Challenging a profession: changing public perceptions about chiropractic
  • Brad Jacobs: Integrative medicine: a new paradigm for healthcare in the 21st Century
  • Tom Souza: Triple play: a review of the most significant literature publications over the last three years focusing on three studies in three topic areas
  • Todd Hubbard: The Blair upper cervical chiropractic technique: what you can see on a radiograph
  • Michelle Barber: Athletes at risk: the female athlete triad

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