Monday, April 4, 2016

Palmer College Platform Presentations from ACC-RAC

Doctors of chiropractic working in private sector medical facilities: a descriptive survey
Christine Goertz, Stacie Salsbury, Elissa Twist, Virginia Smith, Anthony Lisi

Building an academy of educators:  a needs assessment of selected faculty educators
Michael Tunning, Dustin Derby, Kelly Krell-Mares, Michelle Barber

Creating the teaching track of a workshop for CAM educators in evidence-based clinical practice
John Stites, Amy Minkalis, Renee DeVries, Dana Lawrence, Cynthia Long

Creating an orientation for a clinical teacher
Katherine Clark, Ron Boesch, John Stites, Susan Larkin

Depressive symptoms in first year chiropractic students
Shawn He, Niu Zhang

Chiropractic and respiratory therapy: an essential professional collaboration
Robert Rowell, Josefina Torres

Multimorbidity, musculoskeletal complaints, and pain characteristics of older adults with low back pain: a secondary analysis from a randomized controlled trial
Stacie Salsbury, William Alexander, James Boysen, Julie Harman, Janice Hubbard, Elissa Twist, Robert Vining, Christine Goertz

Does requiring students to justify answer changes during collaborative testing enhance academic performance?
Niu Zhang, Charles Henderson

Chiropractic student attitudes toward team-based learning
William Sherrier, Ali Rabatsky, Teresa Brennan

The effects of standardized patient performance by chiropractic interns on their reported empathy for their patients
Teresa Brennan, James Randazzo, Ali Rabatsky

The effect of force feedback training on students learning Flexion Distraction technique
Robert Rowell, Ram Gudavalli, Steven Silverman

Dosage of treatment for cervical pain by field doctors using cervical Flexion Distraction
Dana Madigan, Jerrilyn Cambron, Jennifer Dexheimer, Maruti Ram Gudavalli, James Cox

Using best practices to engage adult millennial learners in the large classroom
Lisa Killinger

Assessing the level of test anxiety in first trimester chiropractic students
Judy Bhatti, Elissa Twist, Katherine Manley-Buser

Outcome measures in chronic migraine management - clinical use and potential cost savings:  a case study
Nathan Hinkeldey, Kevin Percuoco, Laurie Hinrichs, Noelle Johnson, Michael Tunning

Multi-modal treatment of an 18 year-old collegiate soccer player with a grade 2 MCL tear
Todd Riddle, Michael Tunning, Thomas Hyde, Dale Richardson

Survey of students’ perception of the Palmer preceptor program
Roger Hynes, Alana Callender, Rachelle Hynes

Transient osteoporosis of the hip - an uncommon differential variant in a chiropractic patient: a case report
Stephen Grand, Alivia Shoop


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