Monday, January 11, 2016

A New Instructional Designer: Ms. Jody Graham

Today marks the first of work for our new instructional designer, Jody Graham. She comes to us from Ashford University. She has significant expertise in managing technology systems and was formally the manager of campus academic technology for Ashford. She also worked as an administrator for Blackboard, a skill that should easily translate into her doing the same for our Brightspace platform. In addition, she has taught a number of courses at Ashford, including ones on computer literacy and visual literacy. Academically, she has a BA and an MBA. And her recent role has been in developing both online and blended courses for Ashford.

Clearly, she will have much to offer Palmer faculty and staff across all campuses. She can help teaching faculty develop better and more effective programs for the Brightspace platform, and can help clinicians find ways to use that system within the clinics. She may provide help to administration as they develop online tools for outreach, and she will certainly help in continuing education, as she has long experience with eCollege, which is the online system used for offering our online courses.
Once she gets a bit acclimated, we will be introducing her to as many of you as we can. Her office will be located in life sciences, in the suite where the scantron is located, and in what used to be Rita Nafziger’s office some years ago. Make time to say hi!

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