Monday, September 14, 2015

How to Set Up Your Grade Book in Brightspace

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Setting up the grade book is one of the first things you should do when preparing your course.

First Steps
·         Consult your course syllabus for a list of all assessment items

·         Decide on a grading system

·         Determine if your institution uses a grading scheme, and if you will need to recreate it for your grade book

·         Decide how you want to group grade items, and what weight those groups should have

·         Decide how you want to calculate your final grades

·         The Grades Setup Wizard

Use the Grades Setup Wizard to set up your grade book for the course. When you access the Grades tool, the Grades Setup Wizard displays by default until you set up your grade book. The Grades Setup Wizard takes you through a 7 step process to set up your gradebook.
1.       Select a Grading System. You can select Weighted Points, or Formula. For more information on selecting a grading system, see the one-paged “How to select a grading system for your grade book.”

2.       Determine which type of final grade calculation you want to release to students. You can select either Calculated Final Grade or Adjusted Final Grade.

3.       Determine how much you want to treat ungraded items. You can select either Drop ungraded items or Treat ungraded items as 0. You can also keep users’ final grades up to date automatically by selecting Automatically keep final grade updated.

4.       Choose a default grading scheme. Organization Schemes are provided by your institution, or you can create a custom Course Scheme. See “Creating grade schemes for more information.

5.       Control how many decimal points display for items in the grade book.

6.       Control what your student see when they look at their grade books, including Grade Details, Decimals Displayed, Characters Displayed and Final Grade Calculation

7.       Review and finalize grade book set up decision. Click Finish to finalize your decisions or Go Back to make changes.

The link at page top will bring you to the page where this appears. There is some additional information available there that may help give you additional guidance, and you will also find links to the “Creating grade schemes” page.


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