Monday, August 10, 2015

More Brightspace Resources

One of the great things about our Brightspace learning platform is how many resources are available for you though the company website. For those who have not yet done so, you should join the Brightspace Community ( This will link you to a network of users from across the country, who share ideas, post on message boards and can help you answer specific questions that arise during your application of the system. I am still myself a novice at the system, so I can’t always find answers for you, nor can some of our other resource people (notably, Doug Black at our Port Orange campus has done yeoman’s work with Brightspace and is a superb resource).

Brightspace has a video index of resources. It is located at There are literally hundreds of short videos there. To help you locate some of the more useful I offer this list:
Assignment Grader Overview- Instructor:

Classlist- Contact Learners- Instructor:

Content- Add a Module- Instructor:

Content- Delete a Module- Instructor:

Discussions- Create a Topic- Instructor:


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