Monday, March 16, 2015

Palmer College at ACC-RAC 2015

Once again, we are representing ourselves very well. Congratulations to all!


Enhancing spinal manipulation skills with evidence based innovation
David Starmer, Glori Hinck, Stephen Grande

Risks and rewards: Will interprofessional collaboration save or destroy the chiropractic profession?
Dennis Marchiori


Collaborative Learning Strategies to Develop Interprofessional Collaboration: Process and Product
Ayla Azad, Lisa Z. Killinger, Loretta Howard

Active learning and meaningful assessment with large class sizes
Andrea Haan, Michelle Barber, Kevin Paustian

Critical Appraisal of Research Information and the Literature: Enabling the Reader
Anthony L. Rosner, Dana Lawrence, Michael Schneider

Revitalizing the North American Chiropractic Research Agenda: Planning for 2020
Bill Meeker, Claire Johnson, Greg Cramer, John Mrozek, Mitch Haas, Robert Mootz


Ambiguity in the onset of EMG response to a visual prompt
James DeVocht

Student perceptions of test effectiveness following a simulated objective structured clinical exam (OSCE)
Michael Tunning, Robert Rowell, Thomas Brozovich, Michael VanNatta

Distance education online intervention for evidence based practice literacy
Michael Schneider, Roni Evans, Mitchell Haas, Cynthia Long, Cheryl Hawk, Matthew Leach, Greg Cramer, Corrie Vihstadt, Oakland Walters, Lauren Terhorst

The reliability of lumbar motion palpation using continuous analysis and confidence ratings
Robert Cooperstein, Morgan Young

Criterion validity of static spinal palpation compared to a reference standard
Robert Cooperstein, Morgan Young, Michael Haneline

Measurements of innominate vertical length in assessing leg length discrepancy in idiopathic scoliosis patients
Xiaohua He, HanSuk Jung, JooHyun Ham, KyeongAh Min

Force-time characteristics of double thenar posterior to anterior thoracic spinal manipulations
Maruti Ram Gudavalli

Transformation to confident clinician: A focus group study of chiropractic students following an international service learning experience
James Boysen, Stacie Salsbury, Dustin Derby, Dana Lawrence

The efficacy of collaborative instruction and its implications on interprofessional development
William Sherrier

Preferred instructional strategies for various learning styles in Cell Physiology: A pilot study
Lia Nightingale

Use of video to teach a biochemical concept in the doctor of chiropractic program
Kathy Shaw, Ali Rabatsky

Effects of peer instruction enhanced lectures on student recall and comprehension
Niu Zhang, Charles Henderson

A review of organizational structure when developing a practice-based research network
Janice Hubbard, Dana Lawrence

What are the current structures and practices of IRBs of chiropractic institutions? A descriptive survey of IRB chairs
Elissa Twist, Dana Lawrence, Stacie Salsbury, Cheryl Hawk

A collaborative project examining faculty and intern attitudes and behaviors towards smoking cessation interventions in a chiropractic-teaching clinic: A qualitative analysis
Kenice Morehouse-Grand, Bahar Sultana

Survey of students' perception of the palmer college of chiropractic preceptor program
Roger Hynes, Alana Callender, Rachelle Hynes

Complementary and alternative medicine techniques for breech correction
Julie Hartman


Overcoming barriers to publication: a case report of a chiropractic researcher
Barclay Bakkum, Robert Cooperstein, Cynthia Chapman

Assessing the change in Chiropractic student scores in a review course for Part 1 NBCE examination provided as a required course by an accredited chiropractic college
Judy Bhatti, Elissa Twist

The return of color vision secondary to macular degeneration after chiropractic care
Thomas Brozovich

A cross-sectional study to determine current basic public health markers of faculty clinicians at a chiropractic teaching institution
Rod Floyd, Kenice Morehouse, Stephen Grand, Shane Carter, Craig Mencl

Chiropractic Intern attitudes, beliefs, and intentions with regard to health promotion, wellness, and preventive services - phase 2
Stephen Grand, Kenice Morehouse-Grand, Shane Carter, Rod Floyd

Changes in state regulation pertaining to chiropractic staff
LaKeisha Holloway, Catherine Eberhart, Stacie Martel

Cervical herniated disc with cervical radiculopathy symptoms improved under conservative chiropractic care: a case report
Todd Hubbard, Brian Hall, Janice Hubbard

Implementation of a chiropractic care program for soldiers, veterans and their families in a chiropractic college clinic system
Julie Johnson, Shayan Sheybani, Ron Boesch LaKeisha Holloway, Catherine Eberhart, Stacie Martel

Students’ perceived confidence in specific elements of the physical examination one year post training: a survey and focus groups of three student cohorts
Lisa Killinger

Where is the pain source? A patient with low back pain and bilateral avascular necrosis of the hips
Amy Minkalis, Robert Vining

Post-concussion symptom reduction and return to play following chiropractic intervention: a case report
Harold Olson, Michael Tunning, Ron Boesch

Ankylosing Spondylitis mimicking spasmodic torticollis - a case report
Lynn Pownall, Stephen Grande, Elizabeth Rokitka

An association between low-back Pain and cigarette smoking
Dewan Raja, Bahar Sultana

Chiropractic in the age of Ebola: A systematic review of infectious disease prevention and recommendations for chiropractors
Robert Rowell, Josefina Torres, Karen Goodell

Collaborative care for a patient with complex low back pain and long-term tobacco use: a case report
Michael Seidman, Robert Vining, Stacie Salsbury

The deserted library: students' perceptions of the library as supporting their academic achievement: interpretive case study
Chabha Hocine Tepe

Transient quadriplegia in a high school athlete
Michael VanNatta

Impact of justice on organizational and supervisor trust at chiropractic colleges
Dan Weinert, Dustin Derby

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