Monday, February 9, 2015

Online Classes from edX

We live in interesting times, to be sure. The very nature of education is changing in ways that I believe few of us could have seen even 10 years ago. Technology is making  a radical difference in the way in which education is delivered. While certainly earning a degree such as chiropractic requires the learner to be present- after all, one cannot learn a psychomotor skill simply by watching a video- the online platform is becoming quite common. And as a result opportunity abounds.

I was directed the following course by one of our faculty members, Dr. Chris Roecker. He found the course through his own search efforts, but the course is one that we all could benefit from. This is a course on blended learning; that is, using online modalities while still teaching a course in person. The course is offered by edX, which is a platform linking readers to online classes offered by leading institutions. And what is interesting is that you can audit a course; that is, take it for free.
So I wanted to provide you with the url for the program. It is:

Feel free to check it out and consider signing up for a class.

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