Monday, June 9, 2014

Another End-of-Term Youtube Extravaganza

This being the end of the term here at Davenport, it is always time for some fun, so here are links to a new slate of youtube clips. We are off for a few weeks not, and so I will return at the start of our new term.

1. Starting out serious, this is a great clip about how to make effective scientific presentations. While it is long, it does a great job of providing you information to aid you as you develop presentations, such as for ACC-RAC.

2. This is a film of the infamous crash in the 2012 Tour de France. It is hard to watch, and you need to look at what happens to the rider in the back. What is most amazing is that he got back on the bike, and completed the day’s ride as well as the complete Tour. This after he landed up against a barbed wire fence!

3. Little 11-year-old Brook Rabatou, a record-setting rock climber. Of course, her mom was a top climber as well… but this is pretty amazing.

4. You’ve not heard the old spiritual Amazing Grace played like this before. By the astonishing Victor Wooten.

5. One more bass player. Because, you know, I played bass for years. So I remember when I first saw this broadcast, of the Crossroads Festival, there was this young women hanging with Jeff Beck. I thought she must be his daughter, not that I remembered him having kids. And then she walked out with him, holding a bass guitar. Who the heck is this? Then she began to play. Holy cow! First introduction to the amazing- and at the time only 22-year-old- Tal Wilkenfeld. Young enough to be Beck’s grand-daughter!

6. Japanese synchromized walking. Must be seen to be believed!

7. Rick Jay on card control. This man is scary  to a degree that frightens me. Never play cards with him. Ever.

8. All military homecomings are worth watching!

9. RAGBRAI. I cannot get enough of RAGBRAI. I’ll be riding my 10th in July.

10. Jefferson Airplane. American Bandstand. Only someone as old as me will remember this…

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