Monday, March 3, 2014

Welcome Back, and Woe is Us!

Welcome back! At the Davenport campus, today is an in-service day, featuring CMCC faculty member Stu Kinsinger discussing academic integrity. I am just returned from Palmer Florida Homecoming, which was a nice time away from what has become discussion topic number 1 here in davenport, the weather. So as a return to work, I thought I would offer up just a few factoids for your consideration:
This is the roughest winter on record. We have had record snow, of almost 65 inches to date. More is expected later this week.
We have recorded the coldest low temperature in our history, 23 below zero.
We have recorded the lowest high temperature in our history, 8 below zero.
We have recorded the lowest high temperature in March ever recorded, yesterday’s 8 degrees. That beats the previous record by 4 degrees.
We had the lowest low temperature in March ever recorded, last night’s 11 below zero.
We are currently averaging more than 20 degrees below our average temperatures.
We will not break 30 degrees until next week.
Now, you watch. 3 weeks from now it will be 85… one can dream! Coming home from PCCF was very hard yesterday, let me tell you! I had left my winter coat in my car, which was out in the parking lot under 6 inches of new snow…


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