Monday, February 10, 2014

There is a wealth of good literature available for the savvy instructor in healthcare education. Among some of the best, all from Jossey Bass, are the following:

Cangelosi J. Classroom management strategies: gaining and maintaining students’ cooperation, 7th edition. Jossey Bass, 2014

Kaplin WA, Lee BA. The law of higher education, 5th edition: student version. Jossey Bass, 2014

Stavredes T, Herder T. A guide to online course design: strategies for student success. Jossey Bass, 2014

Shank JD. Interactive open educational resources: a guide to finding, choosing, and using what’s out there to transform college teaching. Jossey Bass, 2014

Robison S. The peak performing professor: a practical guide to productivity and happiness. Jossey Bass 2013

Blumberg P. Assessing and improving your teaching: strategies and rubrics for faculty growth and student learning. Jossey Bass, 2013

Hansen CK. Time management for department chairs. Jossey Bass, 2011

James A, Brookfield SD. Engaging imagination: helping students become creative and reflective thinkers. Jossey Bass, 2014

Cook-Sather A, Bovill C, Felten P. Engaging students as partners in learning and teaching: a guide for faculty. Jossey Bass, 2014

Spalding D. How to teach adults: plan your class, teach your students, change the world. Jossey Bass, 2014

Barbezat D, Bush M. Contemplative practices in higher education: powerful methods to transform teaching and learning. Jossey Bass, 2013

Merriam S, Bierma LL. Adult learning: linking theory and practice. Jossey Bass, 2013

Shadow LK. What our stories teach us: a guide to critical reflection for college faculty. Jossey Bass, 2013

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