Monday, May 6, 2013

Atomic Learning Revisited

Several months I purchased a site license to the Atomic Learning website.  I am gratified to know that those of you have used it have found it a worthwhile resource. My goal here is entice those of you who have not used to consider doing so.  I thought that by simply letting you know of what is on there, you may wish to investigate further.

As an example, the site has training videos dedicated to developing student resources using iBook Author. The following sections can be found there:
  • Getting Started
  • Basic Procedures to Master
  • Templates and Layouts
  • Chapters, Sections and Pages
  • General Info about Objects
  • Working with Text
  • Graphics and Shapes
  • Tables and Charts
  • Widgets
  • Previewing, Sharing, Publishing and Archiving
Each one of these general topics can be expanded to link to as many as 10 individual video clips demonstrating more detailed information about each major topic section. No clip is more than a couple minutes long, meaning that you can take these at your leisure, and you can in relatively short order be provided what amounts to a full program demonstrating how you can create classroom resources using iBooks Author. And this is but one program topic on a website that links you to literally hundreds of such programs.

Among the programs that can find resources for are the following: Access, Acrobat, BlackBoard, Camtasia, clickers, Dragon Naturally Speaking, EndNote, Excel, FileMaker, Firefox, Google Docs, HTML, Internet Explorer, moodle, Office, Outlook, Photoshop, PowerPoint and Word. And for each, you can pick various versions of the program, matching whatever you have on your computer.
This is a wonderful resource, and as you explore the site, you will also find that it has a separate area for education-related topics, such as plagiarism, copyright, collaborative learning and so on. I implore you to play with this, have fun with it, and learn from it.

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