Monday, November 19, 2012


This week is our Thanskgiving break. And while it can never be said enough, I am thankful for all that each one of you do here for this college.

Thanks to the library staff for doing such a great job in meeting our students, faculty and others' needs.

Thanks to the CTL staff for making sure everything runs well both technologically and admninistratively.

Thanks to the faculty for their constant work on updating information, use of novel and innovative teaching methods and technologies and their willingness to always go above and beyond.

Thanks to the administration for their leadership and willingness to trust people to do what's right for the college.

Thanks to the staff for being the moto that keeps this place running.

I hope that you all enjoy this short break, are able to spend time with family ond loved ones, and be careful out there, don't eat too much!

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