Monday, October 10, 2011

End of Term Youtube Bonanza

Here we are at the end of the Fall 2011 term and likely we are all feeling a bit tired and ready for a short break. I do, too, so herewith are some fun, heartwarming and interesting youtube clips to help you lead into or back from your vacation.

1. Woman hears her own voice for the first time: This video, taken by Sarah Churman’s husband Sloan, shows her dawning comprehension that she is hearing her own voice for the first time in her life; she is 29. It takes her a couple of seconds to process what is happening, but when she does, the smile and the tears that light her face are memorable. And her later comment is worth reporting: “I didn’t know I had an accent.”

2. And in a baby: Of course, if it is good in a 29-year-old woman, it has to be better in an infant. So here is an infant responding to his mom after he has had a cochlear implant. The smiel is worth the price of admission.

3. Bus driver surprised on his birthday: Well, you won’t see this happen any time in the United States, but here we see passengers help celebrate the birthday of their daily busdriver, even to fooling him with what looks like a protest, but is really just the opposite, a celebration:

4. Christian the lion- a legendary story and video, about 2 men who rescued a lion from a store in Great Britain, raised him so that he could be released into the wild, and then went looking to see how he was doing several years later. This is a memorable reunion:

5. And when I got back from Kandahar: Along similar lines, here we see a soldier returning home after a posting in Kandahar, and the reaction of his pet dog when he does. The dog is, shall we say, ecstatic:

6. A young singer with a mighty voice: I confess I d not watch these reality singing programs, but this one is pretty fine. The young lady can sing:

7. Ping pong outside the box: This is not your usual ping pong game here!

8. Hey, I play 3 instruments at once: And they are not even usual instruments, except the guitar. This fellow lays didgeridoos and stomp boxes along with his guitar- and he sings on top of it.

9. Grissom and Sarah: CSI, one of my favorite programs ever, developed the relationship of Gill Grissom and Sarah Sidle over a period of many years, using the so-called long arc of storytelling to do so. In the end, when William Petersen stepped out of the role he had owned for so long, the writers did him a good one by reuniting him with his lady love, in Costa Rica. Brings a smile to my face; this pay-off took 8 years to get to:

Enjoy the upcoming break and for those just back, enjoy the new term. I’ll be back in a few weeks with new posts.

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