Monday, June 13, 2011

End of the Term

Once again we find ourselves at the end of another term. I hope that everything went well for you, and in celebration of our coming vacation time, it is once again time for a set of interesting youtube clips:

1. Dan Osman speed climbing hard rock, without a rope. Insane!

2. Hiroyuki Suzuki and his yoyo- you have never seen yoyos do what Suzuki makes them do:

3. Anthony Bourdain gets schooled by a 10-year-old. This is the most amazing kid in the world and does she do a number on old Tony!

4. River and Book on the Bible: From Joss Whedon’s show “Firefly.” River, a savant, cannot understand either the Bible or Shepherd Book’s hair.

5. Ellen Page’s hidden talent. She is not only a gifted actress!

6. Jonathon conducts Beethoven’s 5th symphony. Of course, Jonathan in only 3 years old.

7. The Cleverlys do Hocus Pocus. You’ll remember the song, but you ain’t never heard it this way!

8. Julie Driscoll. These days she is best known for the title song to the British show Ab Fab (This Wheel’s on Fire) but she was one of the great voices of the late 1960’s Here’s why:

9. Brazilian downhill mountain bike race: This’ll scare the death out of you:

10. RAGBRAI- it’s coming up. (Please be warned of one profanity in this clip toward the end).

That’s it for the moment, everyone. I’ll be back in July when we come back to work. Peace out!

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