Monday, May 16, 2011

A few youtube clips that may help you understand EBCP concepts better

1. Risk:
This is a nice little introduction to the concept of risk in medical literature. The author uses a simulated study to help illustrate concepts here.

2. Confidence Intervals: And here is a presentation which clarifies understanding of confidence intervals, another key concept in reading and interpreting medical literature.

3. Sample Size Calculation:
Here the idea is to know how many subjects you need in a study to be able to achieve statistical significance.

4. Regression Analysis:
This is a common procedure used in statistics but not one everyone necessarily understands. This little clip does a nice job of explaining what this is.

5. Evidence-Based Medicine 1:
An introduction to the topic, looking at critical appraisal.

6. Evidence-Based Practice:
This is about the real world applications of EBCP.

7. Research Methods:
A primer on beginning research.

Beyond this, so much more exists on youtube that can help explain concpets related to evidence-based practice, to teaching effectiveness and to scholarship. Poke around, and enter what I have called a "youtube fugue..."

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