Monday, February 7, 2011

More Blogs that Cover Chiropractic and/or Medical Education

There are several blogs within the chiropractic profession that discuss matters of interest to educators. I offer links to several of them here, along with a few comments regarding their content and perspective.

Perles of Wisdom
This is the website of Dr. Steven Perle, a professor at the University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic. Steve writes an ethics column for the Journal of the American Chiropractic Association, and I would likely position him on the left of the chiropractic political spectrum. His website often deals in difficult professional matters; his recent entries have attempted to debate columns written by chiropractic critic Edzard Ernst.

Health Insights Today
This is a blog and newsletter which comes from Cleveland Chiropractic College and which is edited by author/educator Dr. Dan Redwood. It is professionally done, and covers a wide range of topics, but has a general slant toward public health matters.

Daily HIT Blog
This is linked to Health Insights Today and is also from Dr. Redwood. This takes a much stronger public health approach. Recent entries in the blog have examined “fat cancers,” global obesity, whether pesticides can be linked to rheumatoid arthritis, etc.

Rochesterchiro’s Blog
This is the blog of Dr. Brett Kinsler, who calls himself a skeptical chiropractor. He can wax quite passionate about the issues he is interested in, and he does list evidence-based practice as one of those areas.

Medical Education Blog
This is an excellent blog covering general issues related to medical/healthcare education. For example, the current (at time of writing) blog entry discusses how to work with “difficult students.” It looks at defining difficult, and diagnosing causes of difficulty and then treating them. Overall, this is a well-done site with a wealth of information.

Medical Education Futures Study
For those of you interested in reducing disparities and increasing access to healthcare, this is a nice site to gather information on that topic.

I urge all of you to consider how you might use your own blog to impart information to your students on a regular basis, covering those areas that are of interest to you and for which you feel students may benefit. If you wish any help in creating one, please let me know.

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Brett L. Kinsler, DC said...

I appreciate the mention of my RochesterChiro blog and the link however it appears that your links in this section have "http:" twice and thus do not properly connect to the sites you intend.

Thanks again for all that you do, Dr. Lawrence!