Monday, November 22, 2010

2011 ACC-RAC and Palmer College Represent!

The schedule for the 2011 ACC-RAC conference was recently announced and I am happy to say that Palmer College of Chiropractic is extensively represented. Please note all of the following papers and presentations and give a short note of congratulations to all involved. And consider submitting something yourself next year!

Papers accepted for platform presentation

Enhancing the Use of Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Methods Through Diffusion of Innovation Theory and a Train-the-Trainer Model in Chiropractic Education
Michelle Barber, Ron Boesch, Lia Nightingale, Michael Tunning, John Stites

WIKI a Collaborative Faculty Development Tool
Ron Boesch, Robert Illingworth

Mentored research opportunities for students in a doctor of chiropractic program
Lori Byrd, Cynthia Long, Liang Zhang, Robert Cooperstein, Joel Pickar, Charles Henderson

Improving targeting accuracy in mapping upright spinal levels to the prone position
Robert Cooperstein, Young Corlette

At What Angle of Hip Flexion Is the Gillet Test the Most Effective for Detecting Sacroiliac Motion?
Robert Cooperstein, Morgan Young, Michael Haneline

Characterizing the Toggle-Recoil Delivery of Practicing Clinicians
James DeVocht, Ram Gudavalli

Empowering student learning through rubric-referenced self-assessment
Xiaohua He, Anne Canty

Helping uni-professionally trained students to think integratively: An interactive educational intervention
Lisa Killinger

Using evidence based clinical practice principles to utilize and enhance student clinical reasoning skills in a classroom-based case management course: A pilot project
Nancy Kime

Human Subject Research: Reporting Informed Consent and Ethics Approval in Three Chiropractic Journals
Dana Lawrence

Application of the MIRC radiology database in a chiropractic educational environment
Ian McLean

The case for collaborative assessment of students: a meta-analysis
Christopher Meseke, Jamie Meseke, Rita Nafziger

For the Good of All: A Collaborative Effort to Develop and Deliver an Excellence in College Teaching Certificate Program for Chiropractic College Faculty
Rita Nafziger

Concept Mapping as a Study Tool for Chiropractic Students in a Basic Science Course
Lia Nightingale

Integration of Evidenced-Based Clinical Practice into a Basic Science Course
Lia Nightingale

Paraspinal muscle function assessed with the flexion-relaxation ratio at baseline in a population of patients with back-related leg pain
Edward Owens, M. Ram Gudavalli, Craig Schulz, David Wilder, Maria Hondras, Gert Bronfort

Effect of the mechanical characteristics (magnitude and duration) of a spinal manipulative thrust on lumbar paraspinal muscle spindle discharge
Joel Pickar, William Reed, Dong-Yuan Cao, Gregory Kawchuk

Evidence-based clinical practice in chiropractic: Description of a class assignment and survey of student knowledge and attitudes
Robert Rowell, Michael Tunning

Immunization Status of Adult Chiropractic Patients: Analyses of National Health Interview Survey (NHIS )
Monica Smith, Matthew Davis

Usual Source of Care for persons with and without Back Pain (MEPS data)
Monica Smith

Preparing for teaching moments in evidence-based clinical practice
John Stites, Ron Boesch

Developing a Clinical Practice Journal Club
John Stites, Dana Lawrence

Teaching evidence based clinical practice concepts using radiology case types at a chiropractic college
John Stites, Ian McLean

Evidence-based clinical practice: experience of an early adopter adding an assignment in EBCP to a class
Michael Tunning, Robert Rowell

Reliability of the standing hip flexion test: A systematic review
Morgan Young, Robert Cooperstein

The Effect of Problem-Based Video Instruction on Learning in Physical Examination: An Alternative Paradigm for Chiropractic Students
Niu Zhang, Sudeep Chawla

Papers accepted for poster presentation

Management considerations in a transtibial amputee with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease
Maria Anderson, Craig Butler

Kinetic chain dysfunction in a 16-year-old soccer player with ankle pain
Maria Anderson, Michelle Barber

Cervical Spondylitic Myelopathy: A Case Report
Ron Boesch, James Owens, Steven Silverman, Mary Klimek

Glioma with Subdural Hematoma Initial Management: A Case Report
Ron Boesch, Misty Stick, Robert Illingworth, Elizabeth Borcher

Chiropractic Management of Cycling Induced Median and Ulnar Neuropathy
Richard Cole, Ron Boesch, Bradford Cole

Reliability of the Blair Upper Cervical Radiographic Analysis for the Base Posterior View: A Feasibility Study
Todd Hubbard, Joel Pickar, Dana Lawrence, Stephen Duray

Essential tremor, Migraine and upper cervical chiropractic: a case report
Todd Hubbard, Janice Kane

A Case Study Utilizing Vojta/Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization Therapy to Control Symptoms of a Chronic Migraine Sufferer
Dave Juehring


Challenges with chiropractic technique research
Arlan Fuhr, Ron Rupert, Christine Goertz, Rodger Tepe, Tony Rosner, Charles Woodfield III

Addressing the Hidden Curriculum in Chiropractic Education
Kinsinger and Lawrence

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